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 Perfect Fit Solutions

An Innovative Approach To Mobile Audio Installations


Perfect Fit Solutionsare vehicle specific fiberglass subwoofer enclosures and amplifier racks designed to fit the contours of your cars trunk, taking up as little space as possible and giving you a more complete custom look.  Constructed out of hand laid fiberglass for it's durability and lightweight characteristics, our end result yields an extremely high strength to weight ratio construction, that takes little away from your cars performance.

We at Audio Integrations went to great lengths in the design process to offer you a very high quality fiberglass subwoofer enclosure and amplifier rack with a ton of options for customization for your subaru wrx sti rs, honda civic , mini cooper, ford mustang, and mitsubishi evo.

If your tired of having your entire trunk taken up with bulky installs and paying too much for the "others" inferior build quality and design, then our Perfect Fit products are the solution for you!

Perfect Fit Enclosure Quality features...

  • 10 and 12 Inch Models
  • Vehicle Specific
  • Matching O.E.M. Quality Carpet
  • Vinyl Flush Trim Rings
  • Lightweight Design
  • Easy Installation
  • Audio Integrations Full Warranty