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 Custom Audio Installations

We specialize in the design and fabrication of competition level audio systems.  Using a variety of different materials, our job is to seemlessly integrate aftermarket audio equipment into your vehicle.  Whether it's a relatively simple and accurate audio system, or an elaborate, competition-level show vehicle, you will recieve an installation that is among the highest quality in the industry. 

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Our Products

 Wanting to keep subwoofer enclosures unobtrusive and lightweight, we manufacture our own line of enclosures and amplifier racks called Perfect Fit Solutions. The enclosures are available in 10" and 12" models and can be preloaded with a Diamond Audio Subwoofer, and our Perfect Fit Amp Racks can be preloaded with Diamond Audio Amplifiers.  By offering  either the D1, D3 or D6 series of subwoofers and amplifiers, there is an affordable option for everyone.  Every Perfect Fit Enclosure and Perfect Fit Amplifier Rack is constructed out of fiberglass and is designed to take up as little space as possible.  Wrapped in a matching automotive grade carpet, with the option to choose from various materials and colors for the flush mount trim rings, Perfect Fit Enclosures and Amplifier Racks are the only Custom, Pre-fabricated products on the market allowing the customer so much versatility.   Click HERE for all of our models and options.



Unique Projects

We have interests in many diferent areas of custom design and have taken various requests for particular unique projects.  View some of the projects that we have done and if you would like us to consider your ideas Contact Us